Friday, April 30, 2010

Create addresses in Switzerland: easy !

The Swiss Statistics Office has allowed OpenAddresses to use their WMS has background information for The orange dots that you can see for example here are the address points from their WMS.
If you make a right mouse click in the map, a popup will be opened with a map containing the addresses information from the Swiss Statistics Office.
It's quite easy now to create addresses in Switzerland.

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  1. I've founded that the WMS layer from Swiss Statistics Office used in contains don't use the same data as the map opened using a right mouse click (
    You can find the same data used in on the Swiss GeoPortal ( but the user interaction to show the addresses attributes is not so easy as on the Swiss Statistics Office site.

    I think the data on the Swiss GeoPortal (used by are more updated as the data on Swiss Statistics Office site. The differences I founded are "only" missing addresses on the Swiss Statistics Office version for the city of Lausanne (I don't have enough experiences on other cities to say that it is a local difference or a "global" difference).

    A Sample:
    Swiss Statistics Office:,151222.7339711652,537292.5087010368,151622.7339711652#
    Swiss GeoPortal: