Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why not use Google ?

Ovum's blog about that topic is particularly interesting.
Do you assume the risks of using proprietary plattforms ?
Keep in mind the following points about using proprietary plattforms:
* lack of assurances regarding the continuous provision or reliability of the service or that it will remain available for free in the future
* lack of control over the content displayed by the vendors on the platform - particularly advertisements
* lack of control over how the vendors use data that is provided by agencies
* the requirement to indemnify the vendors from any claims arising from the agency's use of the service.
* service interruption or unexpected termination
* inappropriate information or advertising being displayed on a map
* confidential information arising from the delivery of the service being used by the vendor in an inappropriate manner elsewhere in its services
* the agency's brand being used in an unwelcome manner
* the agency inadvertently being in breach of the terms of use of the free versions of the platforms.
And of course, data behind these services are never open and can be used only with the terms of services.

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