Friday, April 30, 2010

Create addresses in Switzerland: easy !

The Swiss Statistics Office has allowed OpenAddresses to use their WMS has background information for The orange dots that you can see for example here are the address points from their WMS.
If you make a right mouse click in the map, a popup will be opened with a map containing the addresses information from the Swiss Statistics Office.
It's quite easy now to create addresses in Switzerland.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One month with OpenAddresses

It's time to make a small status update one month after the Go Live of
First of all, the number of addresses has doubled. At this time, 11'010'776 addresses are available in OpenAddresses. Thanks all for your contribution !
Since the launch, several new things have been done in OpenAddresses:
- A routing function (see the routing accordion on the left).
- An upload function that allows everyone to transfer data files in OpenAddresses
- Improvements in the REST services: download csv or zip data, full text search
- A statistic tool presenting the number of addresses and the creators of the week:
- An impressum page:
- And the web site had an up time of 99.932%... it seems to work ;-)
Of course, we are still looking for addresses and address donators and the way will be long until OpenAddresses covers all the planet. Rome wasn't built in a day !
OpenAddresses faces now very interesting challenges. In may we plan to finalize the synchonization with OpenStreetMap. The data quality will also be one of the hot topics in the following month. The V1 should be live in June (between us, the codename is "Yes We Can").
But the biggest challenge is not technical. We need now to extend the OpenAdresses community. We have to formalize a bit the OpenAddresses organization. If you have the feeling that you can bring something to this community, don't hesitate to join it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

OpenAddresses: new download and upload functions

The OpenAddresses REST services have been extended to support the data download and upload.
The download functions allows the user to export data as CSV or ZIP containing a CSV file. The nice thing is that you can use the power of the MapFish protocoll to export data from OpenAddresses. See some examples here.
The upload function can be used to transmit data to openaddresses. You find this function in an accordion on the left.

Monday, April 19, 2010 podcasted

Don't miss the very interesting podcast recorded by Directions Magazine: Link.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do you own geolocated addresses ?

Here are the top ten reasons to make them available through OpenAddresses:

1. Spatial information is a key success

For companies, governments or private persons, the spatial information allows to make powerful analysis. Typically, companies can make geomarketing analysis, governments can make geostatistics, private persons can search for locations. The adress is the base information for a large amount of spatial analysis. International studies have shown that there is a huge potential in spatial data for economic growth (see this text).

If the address data are free and open, it unleashes a potential of innovation and creativity that has not been possible yet. Think of GPS: everybody uses it for free! If the US had not provided this service for free a lot of what we take for granted today would not be reality!

2. You search regularly for addresses

Who has never searched for an address ? NOBODY. We all need addresses and unfortunately, it's difficult to access them or they are provided by advertisement companies that have other ideas in mind and you are always dependent on their websites or services.

3. You are using geocoding tools ...

OpenAddresses provides geocoding functions that you can freely use and implement in your own solutions.

4. .. and also reverse geocoding tools

OpenAddresses provides reverse geocoding functions that you can freely use and implement in your own solutions.

5. You don't want to buy a license or have a maintenance contract

Do you ?

6. You believe in solidarity

Think that if you provide an address in your area, you could maybe use an address provided by someone else on the other side of the earth.

7. You dream of a free navigation system

When you buy a navigation system, an important part of the price is due to the price of the data stored inside. If addresses are free and open, the price of the navigation systems will be reduced.

It is still not possible to create open and free navigation systems. Together with the data of OpenStreetMap, OpenAddresses allows the creation of fantastic orientation tools.

8. You agree with the Open Source philosophy

There are several aspects of Open Source that are widely recognized. Let's take for example the points mentionned in 2009 by the DoD:

- The continuous and broad peer-review enabled by publicly available source code supports software reliability and security efforts through the identification and elimination of defects that might otherwise go unrecognized by a more limited core development team.
- The unrestricted ability to modify software source code enables the Department to respond more rapidly to changing situations, missions, and future threats.
- Reliance on a particular software developer or vendor due to proprietary restrictions may be reduced by the use of OSS, which can be operated and maintained by multiple vendors, thus reducing barriers to entry and exit.
- Open source licenses do not restrict who can use the software or the fields of endeavor in which the software can be used. Therefore, OSS provides a net-centric licensing model that enables rapid provisioning of both known and unanticipated users.
- Since OSS typically does not have a per-seat licensing cost, it can provide a cost advantage in situations where many copies of the software may be required, and can mitigate risk of cost growth due to licensing in situations where the total number of users may not be known in advance.
- By sharing the responsibility for maintenance of OSS with other users, the Department can benefit by reducing the total cost of ownership for software, particularly compared with software for which the Department has sole responsibility for maintenance (e.g., GOTS).
- OSS is particularly suitable for rapid prototyping and experimentation, where the ability to “test drive” the software with minimal costs and administrative delays can be important.

9. You wish to check your existing address data

By giving your addresses to OpenAddresses, you get in return the possibility:

1. To compare your data with other addresses previously captured
2. To be able to use a simple, yet powerful user interface to update them
3. To ask the community (the inhabitants) to check themselves if their address is correct

10. You need more addresses for your everyday tasks, but can't afford the large commercial datasets

... however, you may have some workforce available to capture and update local data. For example firefighters or electricity inspectors have a very good local knowledge of addresses, but it is very hard to have these addresses structured. By using OpenAddresses, all members of your organization work on a similar data structure and, in return for giving your addresses, you'll get the ones captured by others. Last but not least, in comparison to the commercial datasets providers, you decide how often you want your data to be updated.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

11+ millions OpenAddresses stored !!!

Who will be the next city, state, country to provide their addresses ?

Friday, April 9, 2010

GeoCoding and Reverse Geocoding with OpenAddresses

If you want to use the Geoding services provided by OpenAddresses, have a look at the page:
The MapFish protocoll has been extended with a powerful full text search that can be used like that:,housenumber,city&query=Gen%E8ve%20Vogt
You obtain a GeoJson back and it is possible to add a callback parameters:,housenumber,city&query=Gen%E8ve%20Vogt&callback=myCallback

139'230 new addresses...

... Thanks to Washington DC !
A global search tool has been implemented, too.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Routing in

A new feature has just been added to the routing.
The routing itself is computed by the CloudMade service which uses the OSM dataset. OpenAddresses REST services are used for the address search.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New great features in OpenAddresses

Two new features have been added in OpenAddresses:
- A powerful search with auto completion. I love the power of Postgres FTS !
- An hover function on the address red dot, showing the address information without having to click on it.
Hope you like these additions.

Activities of D-Day + 3

Several great news today: in 3 days, we have doubled the number of addresses and there are now exactly 10'200'314 addresses in the database !
Two new languages have been added: Luxembourg and Catalan and some bugfixes have been done.
We are now actively looking for address donators ! Everyone having access to free of rights addresses is welcome to inform us. It will be a pleasure to import them ;-)