Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One month with OpenAddresses

It's time to make a small status update one month after the Go Live of
First of all, the number of addresses has doubled. At this time, 11'010'776 addresses are available in OpenAddresses. Thanks all for your contribution !
Since the launch, several new things have been done in OpenAddresses:
- A routing function (see the routing accordion on the left).
- An upload function that allows everyone to transfer data files in OpenAddresses
- Improvements in the REST services: download csv or zip data, full text search
- A statistic tool presenting the number of addresses and the creators of the week:
- An impressum page:
- And the web site had an up time of 99.932%... it seems to work ;-)
Of course, we are still looking for addresses and address donators and the way will be long until OpenAddresses covers all the planet. Rome wasn't built in a day !
OpenAddresses faces now very interesting challenges. In may we plan to finalize the synchonization with OpenStreetMap. The data quality will also be one of the hot topics in the following month. The V1 should be live in June (between us, the codename is "Yes We Can").
But the biggest challenge is not technical. We need now to extend the OpenAdresses community. We have to formalize a bit the OpenAddresses organization. If you have the feeling that you can bring something to this community, don't hesitate to join it.

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